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   SF-V Series


Multi-touch HD Video Terminal

VMEET® HD touch-screen video conferencing terminal, SF-V Series (45" and 52") is launched for the enterprise sector to cater to their needs for remote meetings, trainings, recruitments, collaborations and other audio visual applications. This will help enterprises to save 80% of the communications and travelling expenses, while improving work efficiency by 100%.

VMEET® HD video conference is specially designed for a geographic, enabling them to deploy a high-quality and reliable in multiple locations in a short turnaround time. Thus bringing immersive experience for their meetings and collaborations.

Features & Advantages
  • Super HD 720P Video
    1280 x 720 HD video resolution, 16:9 widescreen ratio support, true colors, smooth and detailed video, experience "face-to-face" interactions, HD 720P video consumes less than 512Kbps of bandwidth;
  • Crystal clear stereo audio
    Tuning wizard, intelligent adaptive network adjustment, echo cancellation, noise reduction, jitter and delay free voice quality achieving perfect communication quality ;
  • All-in-one Design
    Integrated video conference terminal, ultra-thin display, multi-touch screen, Carl Zeiss camera lens, wireless microphone, speakers and other devices all into one;
  • Multi-point, Multi Screen Layouts
    Supports more than eight PTP/MCU mode of conference, multi-video/video, variety of connection interface, flexible configuration and setup;
  • Powerful Collaboration Tools
    Integrated whiteboard function, sharing of office and pdf documents, real-time collaboration, instant messaging, application sharing, presentation sharing, file transfer, online voting, web co-browsing and many others;
  • User-friendly and Easy Operations
    Intuitive layout and structure, wireless remote control design, one-button switch, automatic login, automatic answer;
  • Other Functions
    Chairman controlled meeting, broadcast recorded conference, integrated VoIP, CUG, SIP interoperation, adaptive network adjustment, QoS etc;

Main Applications
  • Efficient Collaberation
    VMEET HD collaboration solution meets the demand of globalization, effectively increase work efficiency, creating a few way of communication and realizing resource sharing, significantly reducing cost, promote faster decision making, provides manageability for offsite branches.
  • Remote Interview
    Reduce travelling time and expenses for cross province or regional interview. For example, an job applicant in Beijing applied for a job in Singapore. Using VMEET HD conference solution, the Singapore based company with the high-level decision makers in Shanghai, can have a 3 parties face-to-face video interview.
  • Product Research and Innovation, Talent Development
    VMEET promotes HD virtual classes, large scale teaching and demonstration, multimedia interactive classroom, HD video recording and broadcasting, enhancing distance research and development, training and teaching, as well as quality of management.
  • New Product Launches
    VMEET HD video conference helps businesses to showcase new product launches, trainings, marketing, image promotion and press releases etc. HD e-commerce also enhances the competiveness and sustainability of the company.
  • Remote Customer Support and Service
    Improves service efficiency and customer service with collaboration tools such as desktop sharing and multimedia sharing etc.
  • Business Negotiations
    Face-to-face HD interactions allows negotiations, improves decision-making efficiency, creating profit opportunities from the market.