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  HD E-learning & Training


HD Dictance Video Elearning & Training
HD synctaped with teachers, automatically positioning of students and courses' content;broadcast to the other according to the actual needs of teaching points;
Remotely through the public network with overseas schools for high-definition interactive teaching;
  • Recording and Broadcasting System

  • Remote Interactive Learning System

  • One-button for Recording and Broadcasting system
  • Point to point, multi-point to multi-point,interactive learning
  • Automatic capacitive sensing positioning system
  • Super shared teaching function from whiteboard
  • Intelligent Playback System
  • Login control to server
  • Intelligent Audio System
  • Distance learning control
  • HD Real-time Recording System
  • Firewall technology
  • IPTV Live System
  • Support complex network
  • HD video and data multi-stream communications
  • VOD platform on-demand system
Innovative Teaching Cloud Platform for a “Smarter” Education