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  • Why does the other party cannot hear my voice?

    Please check your microphone to see if it works properly.

    Check if you have muted sending your audio.

    Have the other party check his earphone.

    If that doesn’t work, restart VMEET and use Tuning Wizard to check the above devices.

  • Can i closed local video in conference?

    NO. If you in conference only do other can't see you and you local video will also opened. In this time it also used cpu and memory.

    If you want closed it, You can changed video size off until not in conference.

  • What should i do if I don't want others to see my video at the start of a meeting?

    Go to "Audio & Video -> setting -> video" and uncheck "automatically send video at the start of each call".

  • When I purposely setup VMEET to call using the proxy, why does the call not go through?

    Please check if you or your buddy's firewall has blocked the port used by V-Proxy Server (default is TCP Port 563).

  • If Primary VFON server is down, the secondary becomes active through fault tolerance policy, how long does the transition take?

    It takes about 32 seconds.

    Data generated from over 10 trials give:

    Min: 24 seconds

    Max: 44 seconds

    Ave: 31.3 seconds

  • can we use IIS instead of Apache to support Vfon Web Server?

    That is right,IIS is more efficient than Apache in Windows OS.