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Intelligent Embroidery

Welcome to using AutoStitch, the powerful revolutionary software application for digitizing and working with designs fleetly for the embroidery industry. The AutoStitch software application is a Windows-based product and integrates many functions into one easy-to-use product. AutoStitch includes two main applications, which have their own shortcut icon on the Windows Desktop.

AutoStitch application allows the users to process new designs and modify existing ones. Once a design is open, you can save it as AutoStitch design or others design format. You can also load existing AutoStitch designs from disk or import others design format from disk.


AutoStitch software will attempt to exactly duplicate the original image when you generate the stitches. After this, you may add or delete sections, change the colors, and make many other changes to the outlines and stitch values.

The amount of work you need to do to create a high quality embroidery design depends greatly on the quality of the original image. Initial results from a clean, medium sized, "camera-ready" image scan will always be better than the results from the same logo scanned in a tiny size off of a business card.


AutoStitch software will produce embroidery from the image using a set of default stitch values. Although these will generally produce fine quality embroidery, there are many circumstances in which the default values should be changed. As you use the software, you will learn with experience when you should make changes to stitch density, underlay, compensation and other values.

When you generate stitches from an image, AutoStitch creates outlines from the image which become the basis for the stitches. These outlines ate temporary, they are not remembered after a design is closed.

AutoStitch creates lettering using the True Type Fonts on your computer. Unlike other embroidery software programs that must use a pre-digitized alphabet available only from the software vendor, AutoStitch uses the same fonts that are available to you in your other software programs (word processing, desktop publishing, graphics, etc). These are called "True Type" fonts. AutoStitch will automatically create stitches based on the True Type font outlines.


The correlative operation is Insert Font. The new feature of Insert Font is the multiple lines. Users can enter several fonts in different lines at the same time now. Also, user can change the style, size, Italic and Bold of the each font in the single line.

Your most powerful editing tools are available only when the design is open in the AutoStitch after being generated. If you are unsure about the appearance of some of the outlines or stitch values, it is best to do a test sew-out while the design is still open on the screen, so you are best able to make changes.