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SOFTFOUNDRY New Generation Vsecure® Intelligent
Surveilance Solution, Provides Remote Real-time Intelligent
Video Monitoring, Recording, Broadcasting, Intelligent Image
Analysis and Low Cost Scalability. Equipped with Digitalization,
Intelligence, High-definition Capabilities.

  • Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA)
  •       Applications
  • Smart vehicle count
  • HD traffic surveillance
  • Virtual electronic fence
  • Screen infrared analysis
  • Screen restricted analysis
  • Human count analysis
  • Face detection
  • Intelligent search
  • Fire and smoke detection
  • Smart surveillance back track
  • HD interaction
  • Multi-level emergency command system
  • HD remote monitoring
  • Smart community
  • Intelligent campus security
  • Smart traffic
  • Remote prison visit
  • Intelligent work safety
  • Smart city management
Green Communication Smart Safe City

Fire Monitoring

Persons Counting