5G + Smart ship inspection conference using FacePro Xpert System
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5G + Smart ship inspection conference using FacePro Xpert System

By In On May 22, 2020

On 19th May 2020, China Classification Society Zhejiang Branch and China Mobile Zhejiang Company jointly held the unveiling ceremony of the “New Inspection Technology and Equipment Laboratory” Zhejiang Base and signed a memorandum of cooperation. At the press conference held in China, Ningbo, they demonstrated the 5G + Smart Ship Inspection Conference using Softfoundry’s FacePro Xpert System.

Relevant leaders of China Classification Society and China Mobile Group’s government, enterprise and business departments participated remotely through cloud video, and took a cloud photo with the on-site participants.

Previously, China Classification Society Zhejiang Branch, China Mobile Zhoushan Branch, Zhoushan COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry, Softfoundry Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. have jointly used “5G + industrial AR technology”, successively in the “Tianshun River” of COSCO Shipping Group, The “Tian’an River” and “Pearl Sea” ships have carried out several “cloud inspections”, which has laid a solid foundation for the 5G + smart ship inspection from conception to reality and gradual improvement.

In the future, the two sides will actively play the role of the “new inspection technology and equipment laboratory” Zhejiang base, and jointly explore 5G + ship remote inspection, 5G + drone close-up inspection, and 5G technology in smart ships, smart shipping, data disaster recovery construction, information The application of services, etc., promotes a wider and deeper level of information sharing and business collaboration, and adds help to accelerate the construction of Zhejiang’s marine economy.