Agriculture Department, West Java (Indonesia)

West Java has the biggest agriculture area and farmers in Indonesia, spread in 5300 villages at 18 district government. Vmeet-pro video conference is required, not only supporting coordination meeting among government staffs, but also interaction and supervising to the farmers. They need not just the best seed and tool, but information technology and communication as well. As the public internet infrastructure grows up and reach rural and villages, government has the capability to improve the economy of farmers, by having more actual data directly from the villages, and do coordination with the farmers, through video conference.

Vmeet-pro is the best choice of video conference application that can be used in the rural area of West Java. Low bandwidth, ease of use/simplicity but rich features, low cost of operation but high scalability (can support up to 300 users in a group of conference), and presentation sharing, allow farmers to get close to the government and farmers from other regions, to get knowledge sharing and better coordination for the government support and assistance.