Bank BNI Surabaya

Bank BNI is one of top 5 biggest bank in Indonesia and Surabaya is the 2nd biggest city in Indonesia. As the capital city of East Java province, Surabaya plays a dominant role of economy growth in east Indonesia and there are thousands of enterprise corporations and millions of small medium companies run the business in East Java. Bank BNI, as government bank, has a strong positioning in financial instruments and market here.

Bank BNI Surabaya has 16 branches all over East Java, covering branches in districts. They have a video conference to support communication with headquarter in Jakarta, but not for the branches. After exploring for few months, Bank BNI Surabaya decides to use Vmeet-pro to support the video conference communication with all branches. Compared with existing video conference tool they have, Vmeet-pro even presents more benefits, such as using public internet as cost saving media, simple desktop/notebook as end point terminal, low bandwidth requirement, and large capacity of conference.

Now they just need to do “2 click” to start conference and have a meeting with branches. Fast and easy to do coordination and share the information and knowledge. Vmeet-pro brings the world class benefit to Bank BNI Surabaya under low operational cost.