Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems Co, Ltd.


With the development of the Internet, 4G / WiFi mobile networks, smart glasses, high-definition video transmission and voice control technologies, the manufacturing, manufacturing and technical service modes of traditional manufacturing industries have also changed. Yanfeng remote expert service system platform, integrating the above technologies to achieve manufacturing, production, technical services and other experts on the first-line engineering staff remote guidance, remote training, remote coordination and troubleshooting. This process, because front-line engineers wearing smart glasses, liberated his hands, to facilitate on-site operation.

Application Needs

  • Achieve point-to-point, many-to-many video and audio transmission;
  • Experts remotely control the smart glasses, such as: focus, zoom in, take pictures, turn on the lights, etc.
  • Expert side of the remote marking screen, front-line engineers can see the implementation of the mark;
  • Experts share local desktops with smart glasses;
  • Video data can be saved locally on the server or the expert side.
  • Support VGA, 720P, 1080P;
  • APP uses voice control.

System solution

The headquarters of the company deploys the system server, distributed in the factories across the country and abroad to the Internet or private network access system. Through the system to achieve remote guidance, remote training, remote coordination and troubleshooting.

System features

  • Real-time voice and video communication;
  • Front-line workers wearing smart glasses liberate their hands and operate the equipment by voice mode;
  • Experts can remotely control or operate smart glasses;
  • One-to-many, many-to-one or many-to-many interworking
  • Video voice can save the playback.