TeleTeach LMS eLearning


Softfoundry TeleTeach LMS ® E-Learning Solution, fulfill the needs for diversified network teaching and mobile learning. Achieving multipoint HD video, presentation, application, desktop sharing and new-media interaction. Providing high quality video-on-demand, live broadcast, real-time interactions with customizable integration and scalability. Combining HD rich media conference and online learning, creating a learning platform and core competencies for organizations. TeleTeach LMS has a strong platform of interactive elearning as we can do vicon based on real-time conference and streaming broadcast (with chatting); TeleTeach LMS can support mobile platform so the student can enjoy the learning by mobile, as well as PC/notebook.


  • Remote assistance, mobile learning
  • MCU + Web Streaming large scale training
  • Research activities, educationist trainings
  • Tutoring, home learning
  • Training, adult online education
  • HD recording and broadcast interactive lessons
  • HD video and data multi-stream communications
  • Cutting down time and cost yet improving efficiency and effectiveness
  • Enhance student’s participation and learning efficiency
  • Gain popularity for higher education and personalized learning
  • Borderless virtual classroom
  • Real-time message broadcast
  • Digital campus
  • Quality educational resources sharing
  • Cloud-based platform system construction


  • Indonesia e-learning system (Indonesian Ministry of Education 3 million Master Teachers Program)
  • Singapore language (Tamil) schools
  • National Taiwan University, Taiwan Jiaotong University, National Tsing Hua University HD remote teaching system
  • Vietnam MOE K12 eLearning project
  • Ningbo Hi-tech experimental school smart education (future classrooms)
  • Vietnam MOET HD meeting room
  • Suzhou Industrial Park wisdom education hub Cloud Platform
  • Telkom Indonesia University eLearning with Tele-Teach® LMS