Bank BTPN is one of the fastest growing Bank company in Indonesia and focuses on providing credit to small medium companies to all provinces. They have more than 1000 branches in Indonesia to support financing service. 2 (two) years ago, as the business grew very fast and some top management officers should travel frequently, they started to explore the effective and efficient video conferencing tool. A high frequent business trip to support branches operation need a high trip cost, time, and effort. A lot of productive time is wasted in the travelling.


They explore so many video conference tools including appliances and applications. But finally they made the decision to use Vmeet-pro by mid last year as we provide a world class video conference application with rich features but low cost in investment and operational cost. Moreover, many branches stayed far away from Jakarta and the internet infrastructure and bandwidth is very limited. Vmeet-pro is the best video conferencing tool when we consider the quality, simplicity, and efficiency.


Now, vmeet-pro is not used by the sales management, but also the IT department, HR, and some other divisions of Bank BTPN.