Environmental Relations
Environmental Relations

SOFTFOUNDRY is committed to environmentally responsible behavior. Video conference can help your organization to save time, money, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve efficiency.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Business air travel produces large amounts of emissions, so reducing how much you fly by even one or two trips a year can reduce your emissions significantly.

Just avoiding 10 miles of driving or bussiness travelling a week would eliminate around 500 pounds of carbon dioxide emission a year.


Global warming is beginning to transform life on Earth

The consequences of climate change will have the impact on your life.



  • Higher temperatures
  • Changing landscapes
  • Wildlife at risk
  • Rising seas
  • Increased risk of drought, fire and floods
  • Stronger storms and increased storm damage
  • More heat-related illness and disease
  • Economic losses


You Can Do To Help Our Climate

  • Each one of us can bring an important help adopting a more responsible lifestyle.
  • Video conference instead of flying for office meetings and collaboration, if you can video conference or teleconference, then you will save time, money, and carbon emissions and improve efficiency. You save one pound of carbon dioxide emission for every mile you travel. A Carbon Footprint is a measure of the impact human activities have on the environment in terms of the amount of green house gases produced, measured in units of carbon dioxide.
  • Try telecommuting at home. Telecommuting can help you drastically reduce the number of miles you drive every week.


What’s Your Impact?

  • A ton of carbon is released when you:
  • Travel 5,000 miles in an airplane
  • Drive 2,500 miles in a medium-sized car
  • Cut down and burn a tree that was about one foot in diameter and 40 feet tall


You can Help to Save Our Planet, to Protect the Nature