We transform learning through innovative teaching

The rapid changes of today’s world present new challenges and opportunities and put new demands on our education. There has been generally a growing awareness of the necessity to change and improve the preparation of students for productive functioning in the continually changing and highly demanding environment. Softfoundry is committed to advancing the quality of online learning, Softfoundry provides rich, interactive eLearning solutions, giving teachers the tools to engage students with more interactive and innovative educational experiences.



  • High Definition Video with the lowest bandwidth, reduce cost, suitable for varied infrastructures.
  • To provides massive scale interactive teaching, each class to several thousand students.
  • To engage students with interactive and innovative classroom experiences.
  • Combined Collaborative conference, live streaming learning model and VOD system.
  • One-step operation for combined LMS, MCU, Broadcasting, VOD for maximum number of users.
  • VMEET Learning cloud drives organizational productivity and efficiency.
  • CDN service for million students/viewers.

What programs should use VMEET Pro E-Learning?

  • Distance learning for campus and school
  • Home learning, personalized learning
  • Online Seminar with up to big numbers of participants
  • Online training, workshop, and tutorial for Corporate
  • Online Sharing session for national corporation
  • Research activities, educationist training
  • Adult online education
  • Gain popularity for higher education
  • Digital Campus
  • Emergency coordination meeting
  • Live event promotion to the public
  • Entertainment show to the public

Softfoundry LMS has strength of the followings:

  • Customized LMS app with self learning and interactive learning. Self learning will include chapter by chapter material with quiz at the end of every chapter. When student passes, they will get the score and can get into the next chapter.
  • Softfoundry LMS has a strong platform of interactive elearning as we can do vicon based on real time conference and streaming broadcast (with chatting).
  • Softfoundry LMS can support mobile platform so student can enjoy the learning by mobile, as well as PC/notebook.
  • Softfoundry LMS can support auto video recording so student can review the material.


Customer Stories

1. Indonesia MOE eLearning Project

  • As the fourth most populous country in the world with over 257 million people, Indonesia relies heavily on its teachers to prepare their students for life’s challenges after they graduate from school.
  • Project E-PKB is a nationwide distant learning program in Indonesia initiated by the Ministry of Education, for 2.7 million teachers in 2 years to obtain new certifications. This project is awarded to TELKOM by Indonesia Ministry of Education (MOE) to facilitate “Project E-Learning Guru Pembelajar” and Softfoundry is to providing the eLearning cloud solution for this project.

2. Vietnam MOE K12 eLearning project with Viettel

  • VIETTEL TELECOM (VTT), belongs to Viettel Group, is Vietnam’s largest mobile network operator, state-owned enterprise wholly owned and operated by Ministry of Defense Vietnam. Softfoundry is working  with VTT to build the cost effective online eLearning platform for interactive eLearning, live broadcasting and VOD, be integrated with VTT eLearning content and  targeting the 1.2 million teachers, 22 million students of 30K K12 schools eLearning program across 63 provinces. The MOE K12 project launched the service since October 2017.