FacePro now supports 4K/8K large-scale video conferences!


With the wide-scale implementation of fiber optic network and the rolling out of 5G mobile network, 4K/8K ultra high-definition video communication will be the main stream era for the world. As such, Softfoundry has launched a new disruptive solution, FacePro, that makes all other competitors( ZOOM, TEAM, Google Meet, Wemeet, and DingDing) becomes legacy systems.

FacePro is a professional communication and collaboration system that provides enterprise users with smart real-time interactions such as multi-sites high-definition video and audio call, file sharing/transfer, instant messages, location tracking, and AR (Augmented Reality) interactive annotations  and knowledge management transfer etc.

Developed with smart adaptive bitrate control, FacePro adapts to various network environments and conditions. The support for supports various hardware and wearables supports various hardware and wearables voice commands and smart wearables provide users with a hands free operations which allows them to quickly connect with remote experts for activities such as collaboration, maintenance guidance, remote support, inspection or training.

FacePro is the world most advanced high-performance system without a single trace of bloat features. Our heterogeneous system supports 4K/8K adaptive multi-codec, which give users a realistic room-to-room telepresence experience. Come experience it yourself, CONTACT US today for a free trial!

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