Healthcare & Telemedicine
Healthcare & Telemedicine

Expert guidance / remote consultation

   –   Expert remote first-person view HD consultation.

   –   Collaborative consultation with multiple expert.

   –   Doctor online consultation, tele-healthcare.

   –   Cross-district meetings improve decision making efficiency.

   –   International medical exchange.

Healthcare & Telemedicine
Healthcare & Telemedicine

After the outbreak of the pandemic situation, medical equipment and medial expert resources are facing severe shortage. In the case of limited medical experts and medical resources, remote medical experts guide the font-line medical staff with FacePro Xpert System in real time with first-person view. Remote expert consultations and treatments are intuitive and efficient, relieve the pressure of on-site diagnosis and treatment effectively, and reduce cross infection.

Healthcare & Telemedicine

Emergency response

   –   Emergency handling of emergencies.

   –   Audio and video cooperative command and dispatch.

   –   Contingency plans are issued to the emergency team in real time.

5G + 911 Smart First Aid

   –   The first-person view AR glasses remotely synchronize the real-time situation to the hospital doctors and experts to formulate a first-aid solution remotely.

   –   Experts remotely guide on-site emergency medical staff to rescue the patients.

   –   Obtain patient information in advance and prepare in advance.

   –   Effectively treat patients.

Healthcare & Telemedicine
Healthcare & Telemedicine

Remote monitoring / isolated visits

   –   Remotely visit severely ill / isolated relatives and friends to ease family members’ anxiety.

   –   Prevent visitors from carrying secondary infections with bacterial viruses.

   –   Remote health monitoring, medical staff remote care.

   –   Improve medical management and service quality.

Medical equipment maintenance

   –   Digital workflow for equipment inspection.

   –   Preventive data maintenance.

   –   Reduce missed operations.

   –   Remote mentor for technical support, troubleshooting, and reduce equipment downtime.

Healthcare & Telemedicine
Healthcare & Telemedicine

Smart rounds inspection

   –   The rounds inspection doctors and nurses use digital workflow software to inspect rounds according to standard procedures.

   –   Identify patient information QR code and retrieve medical records and test reports in real time.

   –   Enter the rounds results by voice to improve efficiency.

   –   Provide patients with continuous remote expert services from admission to discharge.

Surgery teaching / training

   –   Real-time interaction and live broadcast sharing of first-person view surgical audio and video.

   –   Collaborative support and interaction among experts across departments.

   –   Tele preventive medicine training.

   –   Obtain and save precious HD medical images and data.

   –   Save huge travelling expenses and doctor resources.

Healthcare & Telemedicine
Healthcare & Telemedicine

Video recording and on demand / build knowledge base

   –   The system can perform simultaneous audio and video recording in all operations.

   –   Cloud storage and effectively form system video courseware. It accepts unified platform management and editing, which facilitates follow-up verification, online VOD,  training and teaching activities.

   –   After collecting a large amount of data, you can analyze and build a knowledge base.

Medical Collaborative Office

   –   Application scenarios: healthcare collaboration, executive meetings, inter-hospital exchanges etc.

   –   Seamless collaboration between doctors’ desktops and mobile terminals in consultation rooms.

   –   Experts on the go conduct remote consultation.

   –   Video and audio at anytime, anywhere to make communication smooth, allowing medical workers to communicate smoothly.

Healthcare & Telemedicine