Company Overview

Company Overview

Established in Singapore since 1999, Softfoundry International Pte Ltd (Softfoundry) is dedicated to the development of new generation Carrier Class High Definition Green-Tech communication. Softfoundry is providing world class professional video collaboration solutions specifically to address stringent compliances to security standards and interoperability of public sectors, government, enterprise, education, healthcare and carriers based on patented video-communication technology supporting multi-HD resolutions, multi-codec, and multi-applications platforms

Softfoundry is committed to develop solutions for both organizations and individual professionals to be more effective, productive and profitable. Softfoundry will continue this relentless drive towards advancing state-of-the-art Green Communication Technology, for benefiting the future world, and for providing the best experience for any and all clientele.


Enable ubiquitous High Definition live video and
multi-Collaboration experiences across a wide range of networks,
communities and industries

With a pioneering approach, SOFTFOUNDRY provides an innovative platform and solution for pro-sumer in the mobile video communication, collaboration and social network.

To provide a new paradigm for the professional communications, bringing together collaborative capabilities to streamline the flow of knowledge and information throughout the enterprise.

Designed to be a highly scalable telecom standard communication platform that allows seamlessly secure & innovative High Definition Low Bandwidth (HDLB) Rich-Media Communications and Collaboration.

Company Overview