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Korlantas – National Traffic Police Dept (Indonesia)

Korlantas - National Traffic Police Dept (Indonesia)

Korlantas is a national police department who handles the traffic management, including monitoring, guidance, and onsite traffic management. There are thousands of traffic polices on the street, guiding and control the traffic at all cities of Indonesia. Since the street traffic becomes more crowded year by year, especially on morning/evening and public holidays, the role of Korlantas becomes very crucial nowadays. Korlantas should monitor, guide, control, and manage the traffic for the whole year, day by day continuously, including public holidays.

Traffic monitoring is very important and crucial part. Korlantas has NTMC (national traffic monitoring control) at the headquarter and RTMC (regional traffic monitoring control) at provinces. This 2 (two) systems should coordinate for the traffic management and control how the traffic light and direction of the traffic route when it goes crowded. Most strategic decisions about traffic management are taken in this NTMC and RTMC systems, and applied on the street traffic control system.

Applying traditional CCTV and radio communication only with onsite traffic police, is not enough to cover and anticipate the situation, especially if there is an accident or very crowded situation. Vmeet-pro helps NTMC and RTMC to do video conference with onsite police by mobile and see the whole picture of situation. Onsite police just bring the mobile smartphone (with installed Vmeet-pro/ momeet application), connect to Vmeet-pro server through public internet, and capture the whole onsite motion and picture, and he also can report the situation at the same time. Meanwhile, NTMC/RTMC can record the video conference communication with onsite police anytime.

Vmeet-pro also allows NTMC and RTMC connect to the onsite polices at several areas at the same time. So, coordination between NTMC, RTMC, and onsite traffic polices run better and more optimal, by having the clear picture of traffic situation onsite, at the real time basis. Vmeet-pro will be installed at Korlantas (headquarter) and some Polda (regional police) to support a better communication with onsite police, monitoring and traffic management in some big cities of Indonesia.

Korlantas - National Traffic Police Dept (Indonesia)
Korlantas - National Traffic Police Dept (Indonesia)