Supreme People’s Procuracy of Vietnam

Supreme People’s Procuracy of Vietnam


SPPV is a one of most important Government-level organization in Judiary system of Vietnam, with more than 800 sites/branches across the country, in order to ensure a smoothly operations management and maintenance the guidances from top level of management. The need for a Video conference has never been as necessary as this time. After long time of studying and researching, SPPV has choosen Vmeet as a main way of communication system which can resolve all the challenges of management and operation.


The Benefits

  1. Save a lot travel costs and time at least 40% of annual meetings cost.
  2. Can quickly and easily to arrange a big meeting with more than 800 sites in just one day instead of months as traditional ways.
  3. By using Vmeet system, SPPV can keep contact from central to all province/district at any minute, especially for the moutain and island provinces/districts where the transportation is a dificulty.
  4. Besides regular meetings, SPPV also used Vmeet for most of all distance training. Whereby, improve and enhance the quality of human resource.
Supreme People’s Procuracy of Vietnam


Dr. Tran Van Trung (Director of IT and Crime Statistic Department) said: “We are delighted to have chosen VMEET as the platform for our video conferencing usage. It is able provide high quality of audio and video at very low bandwidth. The product is also feature-rich, user-friendly, easy to use and very flexible. It has significantly improved the effectiveness of our communication and management, saving us a lot of time and costs. VMEET simply is the best product to improve efficiency and effectiveness!”

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