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AI Massive Interactive Teaching

By In On December 9, 2019

Softfoundry is announcing the use of AI and stochastic knowledge tracking, to improve  our existing massive video conference based interactive teaching. It has our latest FacePro and LMS system, which uses the smallest bandwidth for the highest quality video and audio.

So far, we have successfully deployed in  Vietnam national HCM university.

It is designed for over 2000 types of courses, using the High performance computing to handle the big data as the input for hidden stochastic prediction of each students knowledge level, and to give them various level tests based on each students ability. In this way, we improving the learning efficiency drastically, that is why we call it AIMit, we aim for each students ability and to give them the dedicated  education references and exams.

Supported by our most advanced computing algorithms, fully used the latest of the high performance multi-threads cpu processing. This system is design to handle national level educations from K12, to all university and professional trainings.

As Dr. Wang suggested, we have to start to give a fresh new chapter for the century old way to educations. We are very proud that we can make this new platform as our contribution to the society.