Vietnam Supreme People’s Procuracy 800 sites meeting
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Vietnam Supreme People’s Procuracy 800 sites meeting

By In On January 14, 2015

SPPV is a one of most important Government-level organization in Judiary system of Vietnam, with more than 800 sites/branches across the country, in order to ensure a smoothly operations management and maintenance the guidances from top level of management. The need for a Video conference has never been as necessary as this time. After long time of studying and researching, SPPV has choosen Vmeet as a main way of communication system which can resolve all the challenges of management and operation.

VMEET conferencing system helps to extend communication to all branches at district level across country effectively and efficiently. The entire system is centrally hosted and managed at headquarter of SPPV, in order to ensure the security of the access, information/content security and high availability. This system helps to strengthen leadership of the leaders and control of law enforcement in all provinces and all levels. Therefore, it also contributing to the Vietnam law enforcement, protecting the socialist regime and the people’s right to mastery.

Following video by KSTV, reporting about SPPV’s opening ceremony on using VMEET conferencing system.